Rental Terms

User Information

The rented vehicle is used only by the persons specified in the rental agreement and delivery form. In the use of the vehicle, the insurance will not cover the damages and losses that may arise from the use of the vehicle by any third party not specified in the contract. If you want to add extra drivers, you can contact your sales representative.

Driver's License and Age

The tenant must have completed the age of 22 at the time of the rental agreement and have a domestic or valid international driver's license for at least 2 years.

Rental Period

The minimum rental period is 3 days. Special prices are applied for monthly and annual rentals.

Vehicle Usage Mileage Limits
For Eco and Medium Segment vehicles, 300 KM per day between 1-10 days / 3000 KM in total for 10 days and above.
For upper, luxuury and SUV Segment vehicle, 250 KM per day between 1-10 days / 2500 KM in total for 10 days and above.

If the specified kilometers are exceeded,
3 TL + VAT per KM for Eco, and B segment vehicle, 
4 TL+ VAT per KM for middle Segment vehicle,
5 TL+ VAT per KM for D Segment vehicle,
5 TL+ VAT per KM for SUV Segment vehicle is charged.

Payment And Deposit

The total vehicle rental fee is collected by cash or credit card upon delivery of the vehicle. At vehicle delivery, the Lessor has to declare an active Credit Card. At the beginning of the car rental, a deposit is taken according to the vehicle classes, excluding the rental fee. The deposit is refunded 20 days after the vehicle is returned.

Late Delivery

If your vehicle is returned 3 hours or more from the time it was delivered, the daily rate for the day will be charged.


The fuel tank of the vehicle is delivered empty and the return is received empty.

Vehicle Delivery

Office Delivery:

If you want to deliver your vehicle to a different place from where you bought it, a one-way fee is charged. One-way fare is charged according to the distance you specify. Insurance and Assurances

All our vehicles are Rent A Car Insurance.

Tire Split, Glass, Headlight, Mini insurance are not included in the car rental fees.

Mini Damage Insurance

It is a repair guarantee with a customer statement, without the need to fill in an accident report by the competent authorities (Police and Gendarmerie) in unilateral accidents and damages with a declared maximum damage limit of less than 10,000 TL.

Traffic Fines

Payment of traffic fines due to non-compliance with traffic rules (including exceeding speed limits on bridges and highways, wrong direction and entering the safety lane) Even if these fines are notified to the company later, the customer is personally responsible for OGS-HGS toll booths and all traffic fines during the rental period.

Additional Services and Products
In addition to our car rental service, you can purchase the following products and services. For price details and more information, please call the reservation call center or contact our offices.

-Baby chair

-Delivery the vehicle in a different place

-Additional driver

-Mini damage insurance

-Roof rack

Important information

All fees related to the rental of the vehicle will be charged to the tenant's personal credit card. In case of any damage, you can call the police so that you can benefit from the insurance.

You must notify the traffic police and the Gendarmerie before the vehicle is moved from the scene, and you must take a police report and an alcohol test.

In case of damages resulting in material damage, drivers can keep an accident report among themselves.

In case of vehicle theft, you must call the police and get a theft report. The theft report must be returned to us with the vehicle key.

In case of any mishap, such as an accident, theft, breakdown, flat tire, or in case of emergency or if you need urgent help, you can call our contact numbers that provide 24/7 service throughout Turkey.

Our insurance is not valid for travels outside of Turkey. Our vehicles cannot be used outside of Turkey.

Please check the rental form and agreement.

Reservations are confirmed for any vehicle group without a guarantee for a particular make or model.

Tenant accepts and approves the cost of mechanical and electrical damage and loss caused by misuse or carelessness. Such damages and losses, including mechanical and electrical characteristics, are not covered by the vehicle insurance policy and warranty.
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