Our Team

  • Bülent Arslan
    UçarFilo General Manager
    Born in 1973, Bülent graduated from Abant İzzet Baysal Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Public Administration. Bülent started his career at Çelik Motor, a subsidiary of the Anadolu Group, between 2001 and 2013, and served in the founding team of Çelik Motor Fleet Leasing, now known as Garenta, and in the following years, he held important positions in the Sales, Purchasing and Operation departments. Bülent, who is married and has two children, has been working at Uçar Filo for about 4 years.
  • Kadir Alkaya
    UçarFilo Sales Manager
    He was born in Sivas in 1980. He has been working in the automotive industry since 1998. He started his career as a second-hand vehicle sales consultant in 1998 and met Uçar Filo in 2007. Kadir, who has worked in every unit of Uçar Fleet, currently serves as Uçar Fleet Sales Manager.
  • Fırat Yerinde
    UçarFilo Field Sales Responsible
    Fırat was born in 1997 in Istanbul / Beyoğlu. He graduated from Akdeniz University, Department of Tourism Management. Fırat, who works as a Car Rental Sales Consultant in different car rental companies as well as in the service sector, continues his career by combining his short but effective 6 years of industry experience with the position of Uçar Filo Field Sales Responsible.
  • Mehmet Werner Muşlu
    UçarFilo Operations Manager
    He was born in Germany in 1971. He graduated from Marmara University Press and Broadcasting School. Mehmet, who has 29 years of industry experience, started his business life as a Delivery Manager in 1995 and later worked in managerial positions in Hyundai, Opel, Peugeot and Citroen brands. He currently continues to work as Operations Manager.
  • Hilal Çelebi
    UçarFilo Marketing and Purchasing Executive
    She was born in Istanbul in 1996. Child development and education are provided. Hilal, who started his career as daily car rental Operations Executive, continues as long-term car rental Operations Executive. He met Uçar Filo in 2023, and after working as Business Development Executive, he was appointed as Marketing and Purchasing Executive.
  • Sedat Aydın
    UçarFilo Risk Analysis and Finance Manager
    He was born in Istanbul in 1972. Sedat, a graduate of Middle East College, started his business life as a preliminary accounting officer in 1991. He joined Uçar Filo in 2014 and currently serves as Risk Analysis and Finance Manager.
  • Nisa Nur Kemertaş
    UçarFilo Sales Support Responsible
    Nisa was born in 1999 in Istanbul / Üsküdar. He graduated from the Department of Medical Imaging Techniques. Nisa, who started her first work experience at Uçar Filo in 2023, works as a Sales Support Officer in our department.
  • Uluç Karık
    UçarFilo Operations Responsible
    He was born in 1995 in Istanbul/Kadıköy. He graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Electrical and Electronics. He entered the automotive trading and rental sector in 2014 and worked as a Delivery Responsible, Sales Consultant, and Car Rental Sales Consultant in various companies. He has been working as Operations Responsible within Uçar Filo since 2021.
  • Buğra Derebaş
    UçarFilo Operations Responsible
    He was born in Bursa in 1999. He is a graduate of open education. Buğra, who started working in the service sector in 2015, met Uçar Filo in 2023. He works as the Operations Responsible.
  • Bilal Genç
    UçarFilo Operations Responsible
    He was born in Tokat in 1878. Bilal, who worked in the textile industry until 2005, has worked as a New Vehicle Delivery and Second Hand Sales Consultant within Uçar Otomotiv since 2005. Now he works as Uçar Filo Ataşehir Operations Center Responsible.
  • Berkay Özcan
    UçarFilo  Delivery Responsible
    He was born in Istanbul in 2002. He started his first career as a New Vehicle Delivery Manager within Renault in 2021. Berkay, who joined the Uçar Filo family in 2023, serves as Ataşehir Operations Center Delivery Responsible.

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